Aaron Guidry

Aaron GuidryHaving completed a 5,600-show Las Vegas, Broadway and international touring run with Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère, Zarkana, and PARAMOUR, I am currently BBQing and generally taking it pretty easy in both Sin City and the Live Music Capital of the World. My brief sabbatical from Cirque will come to an end when I re-join the cast of Mystère, Summer 2017. #BackToWork

Prior to performing with Cirque du Soleil, I was Percussionist and Snare Drum Soloist with the U.S. Touring Cast of Blast!, as well as a performer in the African Drum and Dance Ensemble, Azaguno.  Other past performances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Latin Grammy Awards, and Dancing with the Stars. #TVstuff

As an educator, I taught in the North East Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas (Ronald Reagan High School Cluster), where I initiated a curriculum of World Percussion, including steel drumming, taiko drumming, and African drumming and dance.  My articles have been published in leading journals and publications such as “Percussive Notes.”#SmartyPants

I earned a B.M.E. from The University of Louisiana at Monroe and a M.M. from West Virginia University. The Las Vegas Weekly wrote a featured article about me, and I even won a few soundtrack awards, including the Las Vegas Valley Theatre Awards “2016 Best Sound Design.” Check out my writing for film. (Yeah, that’s totally me singing.) #DoReMiFaSol

If you’ve read nothing until now, don’t miss this next part, as it’s the most important:  My mother took the time to drive me to private lessons every week, and for that, I am very thankful. #BeeNice

Contact Me for more information about whatever you’d like to know. I’m a pretty laid back dude. #LaterOn

Carol Chambers

Carol ChambersCarol Brittin Chambers is Yata for Luda’s exclusive wind orchestrator.

Currently on the faculty at Texas Lutheran University, Carol teaches trumpet and music education courses.  She also maintains an active performance schedule, including appearances with the Mid-Texas and San Antonio Symphonies, as well as the San Antonio Brass.

Carol received a B.M.E. from Texas Tech University and her M.M. in Trumpet Performance from Northwestern University.  She studied under Vincent Cichowicz, John Paynter, Arnold Jacobs, and James Sudduth.

Carol’s compositions and arrangements can be heard HERE.

Andrew Brought

andrew-broughtHailed as “a performer with emotive fire and engaging frenzy,” Andrew Brought began playing drums when he was eight years old.  By the time he was sixteen, he was versed in both Western and World Music.  As an artist, he continues the pursuit of harmony between intellect and intuitive creativity.

Having recently toured Japan with the Tony and Emmy Award winning show, Blast!, Andrew is no stranger to the stage.  Performing in venues from intimate concert halls to regal stages across North America, he draws inspiration not only from the progression of music technology, but also the visual imagery evoked through his pronounced wit and vivid sense of humor.  As a composer, Andrew has worked on personal and collaborative projects, from solo compositions for dance to theatrical ensemble presentations.

Andrew is the exclusive Drum Book orchestrator for all of Yata’s Marching Band shows. This means he knows Yata’s percussive nuances better than anyone and creates Battery and Front Ensemble orchestrations that reflect the Yata style perfectly.

Andrew holds a B.M. in Percussion Performance from Coastal Carolina University and appreciates an expressive melody as much as he does a persuasive rhythm. While it’s true that Andrew is #SoBusy, you can currently catch up with him in the New York City production of Stomp. Read THIS!

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Providing alternate woodwind parts for Grade 4 and Grade 5 shows.

Yata for Luda provides alternate woodwind parts that follow the primary lines, but are more accessible for less mature players.

These alternate parts are scored for flute, clarinet, and alto sax.

Drum Books

Providing Battery and Front Ensemble orchestrations.

Yata for Luda offers Drum Books for all Marching Band Shows.

Battery orchestrations include 5 and 6-drum Tenors, as well as 4 and 5-drum Bass Drum lines.  Front Ensemble orchestrations include Synth and Auxiliary parts.

Search Engine

Providing a powerful way to sort through available shows.

Are you wanting to base your show on the works of a particular composer?  Do you know the title of a composition you would like to incorporate into your design?  Are you looking for a particular Difficulty Level of show?

Use the Search Engine located in the Music section to categorize Yata for Luda’s shows quickly and easily.


Providing quick communication, guaranteed!

Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting around for an important email or phone call.  A benchmark of Yata for Luda is quick and thorough communication.

Yata even recommends video conferencing!

Payment Options

Offering very flexible payment options.

Yata for Luda accommodates installment plans.  And, yes, it is okay to wait until the start of your new budget to pay balances!

Additional Music

Offering PreShows and Tag Endings at no additional charge.

Many of Yata for Luda’s shows offer additional music beyond 7 1/2 minutes, such as mood-setting PreShows and conceptual Tag Endings.

If your program desires this optional material, Yata for Luda will provide it at no additional charge.

Front Ensemble

Supplying scores with mallet and synth staves as heard on the mp3.

All scores contain mallet and synth lines that can be used literally or as a springboard for further Front Ensemble orchestration.

Essentially, the important melodic material is laid out so that your Percussion Orchestrator saves time and puts more energy towards a coordinated product.

Additionally, Yata for Luda now offers fully orchestrated Front Ensemble and Battery books.